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Tracking Down The Wolf


Co writing Bostons' 'I Need Your Love'

           As songwriters, we tend to get inspiration at odd hours. Generally, it comes when our conscious minds are performing other tasks, such as sleeping or driving (!). Whatever the circumstances, it’s our sworn duty to respond or risk losing a precious gift from the song gods.
           Sometime in 1988, I woke up with a song in my head. I stumbled into my spare bedroom/recording studio and turned on my humble Fostex 4-track cassette recorder. I plugged in a guitar and a mic and within a few minutes had the basic melody and arrangement captured. I hastily wrote down the lyric for two verses and a chorus. The song was called ‘End of The Waiting”. Over the next few weeks I refined the song structure and made a few rough demos with an MXR drum machine and a few guitar and vocal overdubs recorded thru a Rockman headphone amp. I had the Rockman because, at the time, I was working for Tom Scholz and his company SR&D/Rockman, as his VP of Sales.

           Anyway, my life long friend Gary Pihl (Sammy Hagar, Boston, Alliance, Color 3, All 41) was looking for songs to cut with a female singer he was producing at the time. I sent me over a rough demo of ‘End of The Waiting”. He liked it and cut his own (much better) demo in his home studio using his state of the art Fostex E-16 recorder. By then, the girl singer project was over, so Gary used his friend Charlie Farren (Joe Perry Project, Farrenheit, Solo) to handle the lead vocal duties. Gary made some major improvements in the arrangement, including one of his trademark soaring guitar solos and he and Charlie tracked the song. When it was done Gary shared a cassette mix that same evening with his boss and mine, Tom Scholz. That gesture wasn’t meant to be anything more than just friends and musicians sharing their work with each other. That cassette could still be sitting there gathering dust on the meter bridge of Toms’ studio if he hadn’t been nudged by fate to pick it up later that evening and give it a listen.
          The next afternoon at the offices of SR&D, a fax came through from Tom to Gary. In it Tom described how much he liked the song and how he wanted it on the next Boston record. Tom didn’t like the chorus but said he had one of his own that might fit. He certainly did. That next Boston album became 1994’s ‘Walk On’ and the song was called ‘I Need Your Love’. The song became the lead single from Walk On, and the first single by the group to feature Fran Cosmo on lead vocals. It was certified platinum by the RIAA on September 8, 1994.

        I had to wait four years like everyone else to hear how the song turned out. It was a very difficult wait indeed, but so worth it!. As you may know, Boston albums are never released until they're perfect. I remember clearly when I first heard it on the San Francisco classic rock FM radio station KFRC. I was floored. Simply put, Tom had truly outdone himself. An incredible production job, even by his standards. The song has since found it’s way around the world and I’m so grateful to have been a part of it.